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Discover the diversity of plastic processing with our state-of-the-art machinery and expertise!

CNC Milling Centers:

Precision and efficiency meet innovation! Our CNC milling centers allow plastics to be shaped into almost any desired form. From simple to complex geometries, we realize your projects with the highest precision and reliability.

CNC Turning Machines:

Perfect rotations for perfect results! Our CNC turning machines offer outstanding accuracy and repeatability. Whether it's prototypes or series production, we deliver customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements.


Precise cuts for every need! Our advanced sawing machines can cut plastics into a wide range of formats and sizes with precision. Rely on us for clean cuts and efficient material utilization.


Strong connections for lasting results! Our experienced team masters the art of bonding, ensuring reliable and durable joints. Whether it's transparent materials or high-strength constructions, we offer the right bonding solution for you.


Creative freedom without limits! With our expertise in plastic forming, we can bring your ideas to life. From simple bending and forming techniques to complex thermoforming processes, we make your visions tangible.

Trust in our years of experience and modern manufacturing technologies to successfully bring your plastic projects to life. Contact us today and let’s tackle your challenges together!

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