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PlasticsPolypropylene (PP)


Polypropylene (PP) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic and belongs to the group of polyolefins.


Polypropylene was probably first produced by John Hogan and Banks around 1951. However, the first large-scale synthesis did not begin until 1957 through the work of Giulio Natta.

Structure and properties:

Polypropylene is obtained by polymerizing the monomer propene with the help of catalysts.

  • Plastic with the lowest density
  • Higher hardness and strength than PE, but lower than other plastics
  • Resistant to many organic solvents and fats
  • Resistant to many acids and alkalis
  • Odourless and skin-friendly
  • Physiologically harmless

Areas of application:

interior fittings for cars, dashboards, battery housings, insulation materials, conveying of corrosive gases, medical products

Semi finished products and material properties:

Plates Rods Tubes PP material properties
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