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Company Profile

Grünberg Kunststoffe GmbH: Excellence in Service and Quality for Over 60 Years

In today’s business world, the quality of service increasingly forms the foundation for successful relationships. For over 60 years, Grünberg Kunststoffe GmbH, a family-owned company still managed by its founding family, has been dedicated to meeting customer needs with utmost commitment and passion.

To thrive in a market with ever-growing demands, continuous improvement is essential. We remain committed to this principle by consistently investing in advanced machinery and our semi-finished product inventory. This ensures that we maintain and enhance our quality standards, guaranteeing consistent quality and the shortest delivery times. Additionally, our highly specialized professionals, whom we train and develop internally, are key to our exceptional product and service quality, offering high flexibility and mobility.

We can manufacture your desired product in any quantity, accommodating even small drawing changes during the production process. The consistent quality of our products is assured through our ISO 9001 quality management system and other internal processes. Thus, we see ourselves not only as your reliable supplier but also as your partner and problem solver for all plastic-related questions.

Our History

Grünberg Kunststoffe GmbH was founded by Max Grünberg on October 23, 1951, in Berlin Neukölln. Since then, it has rapidly grown into one of Germany’s largest and most renowned plastic processors and traders. The company began by selling thermosetting plastics in rented premises in Berlin in 1951. In 1976, under the leadership of Peter Grünberg, the company expanded to include other plastics like acrylic glass in both trade and processing, and began serving customers nationwide.

In October 1980, the current headquarters was established at Carl-Zeiss-Str. 1 in Rödermark, and six years later, another warehouse was added at Carl-Zeiss-Str. 20. A new manufacturing hall was built in Berlin in 1987, followed by an additional warehouse in 1995. Continuous investments in new manufacturing capabilities and machinery have allowed us to meet the highest precision requirements of our customers.

In 2008, Jan and Kai Grünberg joined the management team after successfully completing their degrees at the Rhein Main University of Applied Sciences and were registered as partners.

Today, Grünberg Kunststoffe GmbH is one of Germany’s largest suppliers of acrylic glass tubes, rods, and blocks up to 300 mm for the plastics processing industry. Our investments in new manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce highly precise parts for the aerospace, medical technology, and machinery industries.

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