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Acrylic Glass Furniture

To us, acrylic glass is more than just a material. It's art, offering an elegant way to elevate even everyday objects to a golden standard. When combined with creativity and the highest quality, unique art pieces are created that enhance your lobby, entrance area, or living room as stunning focal points.

All acrylic glass furniture pieces designed by an Italian artist are unique creations, crafted to your specifications by our partner company in Italy. This means there are no limits to creative ideas, special dimensions, or color requests. We make all your wishes for your individual piece of furniture possible.

Here are some examples from our diverse range of acrylic glass tables, side tables, and consoles.

See for yourself the high quality standards in our showroom. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Acrylic Glass Art

With a commitment to viewing acrylic glass as art, our Italian partner company creates beautiful, unique art pieces that impress not only with their spirit and creativity but also with their superior quality.

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