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PlasticsPolytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)


Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a fully fluorinated polymer and is also known colloquially as teflon.


Contrary to popular belief, PTFE (Teflon) is not a product of space travel, which only began in 1957. PTFE was discovered in 1938 by the chemist Roy Plunkett when he was experimenting with tetrafluoroethylene in search of coolants for refrigerators and one morning found only white crumbs instead of gas.

Structure and properties:

PTFE is made from chloroform by partial fluoridation.

  • Insensitive to many acids and bases
  • Very low coefficient of friction
  • Very low surface tension
  • High resistance to heat
  • Non-flammable (although at too high temperatures toxic gases can be produced)
  • Very low refractive index

Areas of application:

Sealing technology, shaft seals, grooved rings, bellows, vessels, chemical apparatus construction, insulators, bearings, implants, cable insulation, electrical insulators, sliding materials, computer mouse feet

Semi finished products and material properties:

Plates Rods Tubes PTFE material properties
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