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PlasticsPolyurethane & Vulkollan (PUR & VU)


The urethane group is characteristic of the plastic polyurethane (PUR). 


In 1937, polyurethane was synthesized for the first time by Mr. Otto Bayer. However, due to the Second World War and the associated shortage of raw materials, the market developed very slowly.

Structure and properties:

Polyurethanes are formed from the polyaddition reaction of diols or polyols with polyisocyanates.

  • Excellent resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • Good resistance to many solvents and greases
  • Good resistance to UV and radioactive radiation

Areas of application:

roller coverings, damping and suspension elements, drive and coupling elements, seals, scrapers and squeegees, linings for slides, snow clearing strips

Semi finished products and material properties:

PUR material properties VU material properties
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